Brendtex & ArtАgro

Exclusive and authorized distributors of hydrogel
in Hungary and the Czech Republic


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Brendtex & ArtAgro have been partners

of Novikova Agency since 2022

The companies Vrendtex and Artagro are official distributors of hydrogel - a superabsorbent material that can hold water 100 times more than its weight. This material is actively used in agro-industry

Hydrogel is used in large-scale agriculture
For professional landscaping of slopes, hills and embankments
It is used for the production of vegetables and fruits, vineyards and other agricultural industries

One of the main areas of cooperation between the companies Brendtex and ArtAgro and the communication agency Novikova Agency is the developing of brand representations on the Internet

Development of web representations of companies
  • Website
    Creation of the corporate style of the web resource of partner companies, development of the design of site blocks for other web design works
  • Layout
    and publication
    of sites
    Formation of the structure of sites, adaptation of texts, creation of appropriate blocks of web resources based on the site-designer
  • Technical development, SEO-optimization of resources
    Providing a domain name, setting up feedback with resource visitors, working on SEO optimization of sites
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